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Here are some resources about the connections between animal agriculture, the environment, climate change, and human and animal welfare.


Cowspiracy: please see this page for a myriad of footnoted facts about animal agriculture and the environment.

What the Health

Forks over Knives



CLIMATE CHANGE AND THE AMERICAN DIET: A new report released by Earth Day Network and the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication finds that American consumers are hungry for more climate-friendly plant-based diets, but they need more information.

Puget Sound Veg Restaurant Guide

Food Empowerment Project

Food Empowerment Project seeks to create a more just and sustainable world by recognizing the power of one’s food choices. We encourage healthy food choices that reflect a more compassionate society by spotlighting the abuse of animals on farms, the depletion of natural resources, unfair working conditions for produce workers, and the unavailability of healthy foods in low-income areas.

Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine: Plant-Based for the Planet

Food and Water Watch

SARX: Sarx is a registered charity (No: 1170976) whose vision is to empower Christians to champion the cause of animals and live peacefully with all God’s creatures.

Humane Society of the United States


Our mission: We’re strategically challenging animal agribusiness through undercover investigations, legal advocacy, corporate and food system reform, and disseminating information about the many harms of animal agriculture.

Toxic manure lagoons stir battle over Chinese-owned pigs in the US

A Well-Fed World: Animal Agriculture & Climate Change


Labels such as "Cage Free," "Free Range," "Humane Certified," "Grass Fed," "Organic," and "Local" make it seem like those who are willing to pay a higher price can enjoy eggs, dairy, and meat from small-scale "humane" farms that treat animals with compassion and respect. But is the public being misled?

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